Checkrite 5 & 7

Axicon’s Checkrite validators are not intended to replace barcode verification, but they are a very useful check on the correct barcode labelling or printing on any production line, as every barcode will be scanned.

The Checkrite validators are stand-alone systems that are fitted to a production line, and they comprise a control box, a scanner and a sensor. They are PLC (programmable logic controller) based systems that can provide a visual indication of the validity of a barcode, as well as halt the line or an alarm if an incorrect barcode is scanned.

Checkrite 5 - a standalone barcode validator

Checkrite 5

The Checkrite 5 will check up to five barcoded products every second.

Checkrite 7 - A standalone barcode validator that can be integrated with a wide range of high speed industrial barcode readers

Checkrite 7

The Checkrite 7 operates on faster production lines than the Checkrite 5, and and can be integrated with a wider range of high speed industrial barcode readers. It can be customised to suit individual requirements, with extra programmable features.

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